Get premium truck dump body solutions specially upfitted for light, medium, and heavy-duty work trucks to suit the needs of your business.

Specialty Upfitting

From construction to landscaping to mining, our specialty truck dump body solutions can serve businesses across a wide range of industries. Bring in your own truck or chassis to the Service Centre at Hillsboro Ford and we’ll have it upfitted with quality dump bodies and other features fully customizable to your business. Need something new? In addition to providing a new chassis with your dump body, we’re also happy to facilitate trade-ins – even if your truck has already been customized or outfitted!


Whatever loads your truck is carrying, we can find you a dump body to match.

Light-Duty Dump Bodies

These dump bodies have a lightweight design and are usually found on single-axle trucks.

Medium-Duty Dump Bodies

Commonly found on single and tandem-axle trucks and used for hauling everyday materials to and from job sites.

Heavy-Duty Dump Bodies

Fits an application with two or more rear axles. These trucks are used for longer and heavier hauls for maximum efficiency.


Whatever loads your truck is carrying, we can find you a dump body to match.
Truck dump body - light duty

Aluminum Dump Bodies

Aluminum dump bodies are relatively new to the market but have disrupted the steel standard that many are accustomed to. This material is best for light-duty jobs and offers the added benefits of lower fuel costs, increased payloads and high resale value.

Truck dump body - steel

Steel Dump Bodies

Steel is a great option for heavy-duty jobs, especially if you’re loading and unloading more abrasive materials, like rocks and boulders. Steel is by far the best option for durability and comes at a lower upfront cost; however, choosing this material means higher fuel costs

Trust the Truck Experts at Hillsboro Ford

For strong, durable, and quality dump body upfitting, the specialists at Hillsboro Ford are here to help! We service customers from all across the Hillsboro, New Hampshire area, including Concord, New Boston, Henniker, Weare, Hopkinton, and more. Simply provide us with a few details in the form below to receive a quote and get started!


Truck Dump Bodies

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