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Sell Us Your Vehicle!

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Got a used vehicle you no longer need? We’ll take it! Whether you want to trade it in for something new on our lot or sell it for cash, we’ll buy your used vehicle of any make or model.

Rather than battling the headache of selling your vehicle privately, a trusted dealership like Hillsboro Ford will handle the process for you, whether you drive away in an upgrade or walk away with cash in your pocket.

Get started by using our online appraisal tool to see what your car is worth, and one of our team members will promptly get back to you to finalize your trade-in!

Sell Your Vehicle

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Selling Your Vehicle FAQs

How is my trade-in value determined?

Factors toward your trade-in value include the year, the current mileage on the vehicle, the vehicle’s condition, and its features, from safety and technology to any customization done over the years. Our online appraisal tool makes it easy to get an instant and fair evaluation of your car’s potential worth.

Can I trade in a car I’m still paying off?

While not having the title to your vehicle may deter private buyers, it’s easy to trade in a vehicle you’re still paying off when you sell through a reputable dealership like ours.

If the value of your vehicle is worth more than what you still owe, we will pay it off, then apply the difference toward your new purchase. If the value is less than what you owe, we may still buy the vehicle and pay off the loan, and the difference will just be added to your new car loan.

What do I need to bring when trading in a vehicle?

When trading in your car, ensure you have the car keys, the owner’s manual, driver’s license, proof of auto insurance, the vehicle’s original title and registration, and a printout with its trade-in value.