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Snowplow Upfitting

Snow Removal Upfitting for Commercial Trucks

Winter is coming to New Hampshire - get your snow plow trucks ready at Hillsboro Ford Inc.

Dedicated Upfitting Services to Meet the Needs of Your Business

From racks to dump bins, and hydraulics to snowplows, Hillsboro Ford is where New Hampshire businesses go for professional truck upfitting services. We specialize in sales and services for commercial trucks, as well as an impressive list of vehicle upfitting options. Whatever your needs, we can make it happen right here in our dedicated commercial truck facility.

Seasonal Snow Removal Equipment Upfitting

Meyer Brand
Boss Snowplows And Ice Removal Equipment

BOSS Snowplows and Ice Removal Equipment

  • Contractor-grade and commercial-grade plows
  • Multiple V-plow options
  • Rear-mounted, drag-behind snow and ice removal blades
  • Heavy-duty loader and backhoe plows
  • Tailgate and bed-insert salt spreaders
Meyer Snowplows And Salter Spreaders

Meyer Snowplows and Salter Spreaders

  • Snow plow blades for light-duty and heavy-duty trucks
  • Contractor-grade and commercial-grade plows
  • Heavy-duty plows
  • Plow options for homeowners
  • Tailgate and bed-insert salt spreaders
Design the Right Truck for the Job at Hillsboro Ford Inc

If you can dream it, we can do it! Tell us about your business, and our team will provide upfitting recommendations that will help streamline efficiency, boost productivity, and simplify your daily operations. We have dedicated commercial truck advisors and facilities here at Hillsboro Ford, so you can count on the very best in expert advice and top-quality upfitting equipment for your business. Contact us today to get your snow removal trucks prepared for winter, or for help with any of your commercial vehicle upfitting needs.